The Benefits of Spinal Decompression
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Spinal Decompression Traction Therapy
What is Spinal Decompression Traction Therapy? Put simply, it is a gentle pulling of your back that removes the pressure that is causing your back pain. This removes the stress and pressure from your spine and discs. Even better, and this is the key, it seems as though a negative pressure is created. This negative pressure actually sucks the herniated material back into the disc as well as improves disc nutrition – allowing the disc to re-hydrate and regenerate. In other words, to heal.﷯ By naturally drawing the herniated material back into the disc, pinching of the nerves is relieved – and so is the crippling pain so many patients endure. Bottom line: Spinal decompression takes away the true cause of your pain symptoms instead of masking it with drugs or cutting the herniation out with surgery. What is Treatment Like? You lie face down and are fitted with a harness system. The comfortable harness helps stabilize both your hips and pelvis. The decompression system is equipped with advanced computer controls is set to the proper angle and force for distraction (the amount of tension that is gently applied) and is controlled and monitored by the computer, allowing us to target the specific discs that are causing your pain and symptoms while providing constant monitoring of the treatment.﷯ Basically you relax and the process generates a gentle decompressive force that helps herniated material return to its normal position to end the pain. The process is similar for degenerated discs or facet joint problems. A similar process can be performed for problems with cervical or neck vertebrae or discs and is just as effective and very comfortable. Our patients describe the treatment as gentle, intermittent pulling of your back. And it can be so relaxing that many patients actually fall asleep during treatment. Patients typically undergo 20 to 25 treatment sessions. This may seem like a lot, but they'll all be completed in about 4 to 6 weeks. (Just think how long you've been in pain a lot longer than a month or two I bet!) Each treatment session lasts only about 30 minutes or so. This of course depends on your individual case and is determined by a thorough evaluation. What Can Be Treated With Spinal Decompression Therapy? Herniated Discs Degenerative Disc Disease (Produces Spurs or Osteophytes) Bulging Discs Facet Syndrome Sciatica Spinal Stenosis Chronic Lower Back Pain Chronic Neck Pain Arm Numbness Why You Should Give Spinal Decompression Therapy a Try... Spinal Decompression Therapy Offers Technology That Doesn't Just End SEVERE Pain From Herniated Discs, But Helps Your Body To Start Rebuilding Them...As Fast as Possible. No Matter How Bad Your Pain Is, Or How Long You've Been Suffering Or How Many Other Treatments and Doctors Have Failed You! Don't laugh! It's really true. Here's why... When You have a herniated disc, compressive forces cause your spinal bones to come together, basically crushing your disc. The space in between your bones decreases and the soft jelly-like disc materials squeezes out through damaged cartilage. When the disc material leaks out it's called a herniated, protruding, or an extruded disc and this leaked material can cause severe pain, numbness and tingling in your back, neck, arms or legs when the disc material pushes into and pinches the nerve. So it makes sense, that pulling the compressed spinal bones apart would expand the space, rehydrate the dried out disc, normalize the internal disc, and the disc bulge comes off of the nerve and resolves the pain and symptoms. How Do You Do That? For years and years doctors have been trying to do exactly that with traction. But traction has been proven to be rarely effective and often hurts. Why? Traction rarely works because when you have a herniated or bulging disc, because the area is injured and when you try to move, your muscles go into spasm. Spasm is your body's way of trying to protect you from causing further injury. That's why traction hurts so much. As soon as the traction starts...your muscles overprotect the area by locking up into spasm. But the good news is: Now there is newer technology that outsmarts your body's natural spasm reaction. In other words: It fools mother nature! This technology is called Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression or Vertebral Axial Distraction and here's how it works... Spinal Decompression is very different from plain traction because it has advanced computerized technology that actually senses your spinal muscles. When it starts to gently pull, it immediately knows when your spinal muscles start to contract and it stops pulling. As soon as your spinal muscles relax, it starts pulling again. The amazing thing is the computer senses your muscle contractions so early, you don't even know what is going on. Which means you never feel any pain! In fact, the only thing most people feel is a gentle pulling and elimination of their PAIN.... But the best part is: Spinal Decompression is able to gently separate your spinal bones which in many cases, actually moves that disc bulge back into the disc, re-hydrating the damaged disc so that it can heal naturally. The treatments are pleasant, soothing, relaxing, and simple. All you have to do is lay down, listen to your favorite music or take a nap. The wonderful technology does everything while you simply relax the pain away! For most patients it is 100% painless... in fact most patients fall asleep during the treatment! Works Fast! Most patients get get relief after a handful of treatments - some after the very first! It's non-invasive so it does not have the dangerous risks of surgery or injections. Gets to the root cause of the problem and helps it heal naturally! Introducing the ATM2 - Active Therapeutic Motion Machine... The ATM2 Clinical System provides a straight forward and effective approach to treat musculoskeletal disorders. The ATM Concept has three primary objectives: Provide significant reduction in pain and restoration of pain-free movement starting from the very first treatment. Provide consistent and significant improvement on every subsequent treatment aiming to help transition you from patient to person. Provide a simple and logical program to prevent or reduce the next episode. Immediate and Long Lasting Benefits The overall goal of the Active Therapeutic Movement is to provide both immediate and long-lasting benefits if you're suffering from back, neck shoulder, pelvis/hip, or knee pain. Performance Enhancement The ATM2 machine can also help if you're seeking to enhance your sports performance. This is achieved by significantly increasing your range of motion and overall strength. The increases in range of motion and strength are achieved through the ATM2's unique ability to immediately alter muscle activation patterns. No other device on the market today can achieve this! How the ATM2 Machine Works The ATM2 machine allows patients to engage in several neuromuscular movements. These movements are specifically designed to help retrain the component in your brain called the Central Nervous System to work in conjunction with the body's musculoskeletal system. During your ATM movements, your brain is memorizing the pain-free movements. This is often called neuromuscular facilitation. Pain Free Using the belting system, your clinician will secure your into a comfortable position. The objective during this phase is to continuously adjust the belts until your painful movements become 100% pain free. This is done by the micro-adjustments of the belting system.

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Accent on Health Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, and Massage
Welcome to Accent on Health Chiropractic and Massage. We provide excellent treatment for neck and back pain, herniated discs, bulging discs, and pinched nerves, using physical therapy, spinal decompression, rehab, and pain managment techniques.
Welcome to Accent on Health Chiropractic and Massage. We provide excellent treatment for neck and back pain, herniated discs, bulging discs, and pinched nerves, using physical therapy, spinal decompression, rehab, and pain managment techniques.