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Why Choose Me as Your Chiropractor? I've built my practice and my reputation on a simple principle—treat others as you would want to be treated. I had my first chiropractic adjustment when I was 12 years old. It immediately resolved my back pain and set the direction for my life. From that day forward, becoming a chiropractor was my singular goal. I have always found the best doctors, in any health profession, care for their patients as if each individual was the most important person on Earth. Great doctors regularly assess and change treatment if their patients are not responding as expected. Your doctor should know your name, ask about your family and aspects of your life that could contribute to your current health condition. Your doctor should attentively listen to what you say, be concerned about your problem, ask questions, and start treating you with the least invasive approaches to your problem first and adapted their thinking as you respond to care. You should never feel like you're a “text book” case because no two human beings are exactly the same and all treatment should be tailored to the individual. Going back to the original question, why choose me? My answer is simple.... Choose me because I will care about you and I will care for you. I'll listen to you. I'll look for every possible option to treat you, even if my suggestions may seem to be a little “out of the box”. I'll make you a partner in your care, and perhaps most importantly, if I cannot help you, I promise to help you find someone who will.
Here's what a few of my patients have to say....
"Physical therapy never provided the kind of results I got at Accent on Health. I'm almost back to 100% in just 3 weeks.” "Since coming to Dr Bohn, I can once again sit, stand, shop, and do housework again. I can live life, pain-free once more!” After treatment with Dr Bohn, I am now pain free. Dr Bohn helped my neck and shoulder pain when nobody else could help.” I have been to many other chiropractors in the area but I highly recommend Dr Bohn at Accent on Health .” In just 3 weeks my treatment with Dr David Bohn has reduced, and almost removed, any lingering pain I've suffered with for nearly 13 years"
Brian Iames Had 3 back surgeries prior to relief at Accent on Health Chiropractic Anita Bauer Was unable to walk due to pain and neuropathy before chiropractic Chris Daum Injured while working and AOH was the only place that helped Joyce Growden Chronic pain sufferer who finds relief with chiropractic adjustments Theresa Hines 12 years of neck and face pain with numbness prior to care

Accent On Health Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Dry Needling & Massage

405 Fireman's Avenue, Cumberland MD 21502 • Phone: 301.777.3710 • Fax: 301.777.0436

Located behind the LaVale, MD Post Office on National Highway


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